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It's easy to be impressed by an ancient coast redwood forest. The tree, Sequoia sempervirens, can reach unmatched heights and its long potential life span and wide girth readily humble us. These forests are also a source of wonder for a different reason. More than most other forests, the redwoods of coastal California have been slow to give up their secrets.
The coast redwood forestThe secrets that they hold are important. Researchers and managers need to know how these forests developed in the past to ensure that their desired attributes will persist into the future; but how do we maintain such superlative old growth? Managers are also faced with restoring vast areas of second growth that have recently come under public ownership; but how does one restore the superlative?
This website has been developed to help managers and the public appreciate how redwood forests change over time due to fire, wind, climate and human influences. To learn more about ongoing efforts to unlock this forest's secrets, navigate using the topics at left or select OVERVIEW above.




This research has been supported by: Save the Redwoods League  
Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center
Joint Fire Science Program

Bureau of Land Management
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